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Partners program

Royal Business has the partnership program crafted for your business.

We have been providing merchant services all over North America and prideourselves on our knowledge, integrity and customer service. We are knownfor our innovation and forward-thinking mentality in our industry. We haveseveral support and compensation plans that have been developed for anytype of business partner we can have a successful collaboration with.

Available Programs



A partnership with Royal Business is always focused on our partners success.The ISO and Agent Programs are designed specifically an agent, offering you unparalleled flexibility and in-depth resources which cannot be matched by in our industry.

Our dedicated support team, aggressive individualized pricing evaluations, generous compensation structure, value added programs and comprehensive training provide everything you will need to manage and grow your business.

Whether you are an experienced agent or brand new to the industry it does not matter, we will do a lot of handholding for our inexperienced partners. Asa complimentary resource for our agents, we offer live scheduled telephone conferences to help you evolve sales techniques, save time, and increase your bottom line.

We offer a variety of training in the following categories: Agent Training, Understanding the Industry, Agent Tools to Build and Manage Your Business, Understanding Applications & Statements, The Mind of an Underwriter, ValueAdded Services & Selling Points, Marketing Your Business and Generating Leads, Building Your Pipeline and Account Management, Technical and Equipment Training, Open Forum with Q&A, And Much More.



Our affinity program is designed for member-based organizations and associations, master franchisers and non-profits that are looking to add additional resources for their constituents. Royal Business affinity partners receive customized sales and marketing support, access to our complete portfolio of products and services, and the ability to earn additional revenue.

Discover the full potential of what a Royal Business affinity partnership will deliver for you and your valued members. An affinity partnership will provideyour members and franchises with:

Expedited and simple approval process

Accurate and detailed rate quote with full disclosure of all potential charges

Guaranteed overall lower costs on their card processing services and merchant equipment

Customer and technical support delivered by our in-house merchant experience team

Multiple processor and setup options to ensure that they have the merchant solution they need to growth their business



The Royal Business Affiliate program provides you the opportunity to earn upto three times more than you are earning today.

Being part of our Affiliate Program is like having your own great business. We provide you with all the tools and resources for marketing, customer service, technical support, and account management. We work closely with our affiliate partners to ensure your referrals have the security of working with a credible, industry leader. Our Affiliate referrals benefit from our expedited approval process, our exceptional support, and our platform and technology options.

As a Royal Business Affiliate, you will:

Make more money through our performance-based payout structure and you are rewarded for all converted leads

Have integration into our advanced lead tracking system ensuring that you receive credit and payment for every converted lead you refer

Receive ongoing support from our in-house customer service and technical support team.

We can develop a customized program for any strategic partner regardlessof how hands on or hands off you which to be.

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