Royal Processing

No Fee Processing 

Do you pay fees to get paid?

Now that the laws have changed, we are providing upgraded software that allows your business to accept credit cards with no extra fees!

Simple and Easy Getting Started

All you need to do is give us a  call for a quick consultation to get started.

No Worries and No Hidden Fees

Everything in our program is clear and transparent.

Totally Legal

Thousands of companies have chosen our program for their credit card processing needs.

Get Ready to Save From the Start!

Just think of all the money you will save by choosing us! Say goodbye to all of those extra credit card processing fees!

Our Program Works With All Cards

Our program works for all payment types you choose to accept for your business, including Android and Apple Pay.

Smart Technology Ready for You

We will provide you with a cloud-based receipt system, integrated with any computer system, easy to use, and our terminals have with EMV Chip readers.

Cash Discount Program

Our Cash Discount Program provides a way for you to cover your merchant processing fees without raising your prices. It also provides an easy way to discount your cash-paying customers without cutting your prices.

Our program is legal in all 50 states
Say goodbye to monthly processing fees
Very simple to get started and quick setup
Get your payments fast with next day funding

Cash Discount with Royal Business Advisors!

If your business accepts credit cards, we are here to help you grow!

How does Royal Processing Work for you?

See-ya extra fees!

Our program is clear and transparent, with no hidden fees. Any processing fees you would have are incorporated into your sales, and the cardholder pays the small service fee with their purchase!


Set your customers up with a 3.99% discount when they pay with cash. The discount is deducted from the service fee and not from the sale price.

Make More On Your Sales with Royal Processing

You will keep 100% of your sales monthly and eliminate all processing fees.

Credit Surcharge Program

If your business accepts credit cards, we are here to help you grow!

Credit Surcharge Program

We provide you with the ability only to surcharge your customers paying with credit cards with the credit card fee. Our Cash Discount Program allows you to cut out the fees for cash-paying customers and make all of the revenue coming into your business for the sale with no hidden fees!

Reduce the extra monthly fees for good
This program is legal in 42 states
Keep ALL of your sales without paying extra fees
Astonishingly easy to set up and manage
Next day deposits

How does the Credit Surcharge Program Work?

Give Us A Call

Our customer care team is ready to guide you through the process and is available to answer any and all of your questions at (833) 710-1626.

Enhance Your Credit Card Terminal

When you are a part of our surcharge program, our upgraded technology will automatically apply the 3.99% discount to customers paying cash and include the credit card surcharge for credit card customers.

Build Savings!

Stop paying extra fees for credit card services and grow your business as you save!

Further Your Business With Our Services

Build your profits and grow your business with RBA’s wide variety of services. We offer more services to support your business than most other processing companies, we are here for you!
You will have everything you need to manage your business finances.

Our customer care agents are trained and ready to support you with your business needs.

Conventional Processing

We provide highly competitive rates for conventional credit card processing.

Monitor Your Business Analytics

Keep track of how your business is advancing and growing to reach your full business potential.

RBA's Loyalty Program

We offer programs that will help you increase revenue for your business.

Online Ordering For Your Restaurant

We offer a wide variety of online services to help you grow your business.

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Fill out the simple form or call us at (833) 710-1626. It's free to apply and won't affect your credit score

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